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images watch duck dynasty clips

Jep takes his family to the petting zoo, where Priscilla and Merritt try their hand at " mutton busting ," or sheep riding. Jep outfits his new drone with a camera and flies it up for an overhead view, but a steering mishap leaves the guys puzzled as to how to get it out of a tree so they can review the footage. Miss Kay decides that she wants to open her own restaurant, but soon learns that she needs more than her love of cooking to get the job done. However, Jase's behavior — such as cooking breakfast at 4 a. Meanwhile, Si, Jep, Martin, and Godwin make a series of informal wagers that eventually leads them to accept Phil's challenge of getting his old rowboat out of a tree. When Willie brings Sadie to the warehouse as part of a job-shadowing class project, Jase gets her interested in a cow-shaped duck blind, and makes a bet with Willie that it can be effective.

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  • Season 10 of Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson family as they conquer new family milestones while showcasing their down home southern charm. Willie and. In Duck Dynasty Season 9, the Robertson family faces new challenges with their unique take on Southern living.

    Willie and Alan agree to help Miss Kay open up.

    images watch duck dynasty clips

    With Jase Robertson, Si Robertson, Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson. A&E's new clip show Going Si-ral is hosted by everyone's favorite uncle, Si Robertson.

    The Best Episodes of Duck Dynasty All Episodes Ranked

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    However, the changes that Alan implements around the workroom quickly drive the guys crazy and make Jase want to eat his words. After the guys show them around the warehouse, Mark has to go to the hospital, but Christian goes fishing with them and participates in the Color Run.

    Christmas special.

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    After all their hard work, Willie decides to take the entire Robertson clan on a family vacation to Kalaoa, Hawaii. Egged on by Jep, Phil and his brother-in-law Gordon get on each other's nerves as the three go duck hunting.

    images watch duck dynasty clips
    Watch duck dynasty clips
    Meanwhile, Phil and Si take Sadie on an outing.

    Jep and Martin call Phil in to help straighten out the new front walk they are putting in at Jep and Jessica's house, and the three turn the job into a race against the crew replacing the roof.

    A termite infestation at the warehouse forces the guys to relocate to Godwin's house, where they find a jackalope statue left to him by his great-uncle and try to sell it to a taxidermist.

    Duck Dynasty Watch Full Episodes and Clips

    Season 3 Episode After all their hard work, Willie decides to take the entire Robertson clan on a family vacation to Hawaii. After the warehouse's deep freezer breaks down, Jase and Jep get the job of cleaning out all the spoiled meat inside, but they and Phil have a hard time finding a place to dispose of it. Things quickly go wrong after Korie mistakenly sprays herself with doe urine and Missy wears bright clothing.

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    Follow the Robertsons Phil, Willie and Ms. Kay attempt to produce a cooking video for their fans. SE02 - CEO for a Day.

    Watch Duck Dynasty Season 9 Prime Video

    Duck Dynasty on A&E, West Monroe, Louisiana. M likes. The Official Duck Dynasty Page. Twitter: @DuckDynastyAE Watch Video.

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    Send Message. Duck Dynasty on A&E, West Monroe, Louisiana. M likes. The Official Duck Dynasty Page. Twitter: @DuckDynastyAE Watch Video. Send Message.
    A large order is placed at Duck Commander, and in order to keep up, Jase and the other employees decide to build a conveyor belt.

    Note: The one-hour season premiere. Retrieved June 26, Later, Phil, Si, Jase, and Godwin return to the golf course to hunt frogs Jase saw in the pond, only to be caught by a patrolling security officer. The brothers' wives decide to hold a ceremony on the Robertson land for Phil and Miss Kay to renew their vows on their wedding anniversary.

    images watch duck dynasty clips
    Watch duck dynasty clips
    Willie is invited to be a guest on Mountain Man's radio show, not realizing that the broadcast is done more for comedy than to give out hunting advice, and Si drives him crazy by inviting himself along and telling embarrassing stories about Willie.

    images watch duck dynasty clips

    When the duck ponds on the Robertson land go dry, Phil launches an all-out assault on the beavers that have disrupted the water flow, bringing in firearms, Si's homemade explosives, and an impromptu flamethrower. To celebrate Duck Commander's 40th anniversary party, Willie decides to build the world's largest duck call. Having left college to pursue a music career, Reed starts working part-time at the warehouse and finds himself facing a dilemma when Willie offers to hire him full-time.

    Bro'd Trip Season 10 Episode Jase accompanies Willie on a business trip to Arkansas to pitch a new product and has unorthodox sales strategies.

    DUCK DYNASTY was more than just a TV show, it was a pop culture phenomenon. The fourth-season premiere drew million viewers; the most- watched.

    ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cancelled at A&E TVLine

    Watch full episodes of Duck Dynasty and get the latest breaking news, — Download a FREE Duck Dynasty holiday clip and catch the. Duck Dynasty will end after the finale of its current season, the Robertson family and A&E announced following the season premiere.
    Miss Kay decides to get some pet goats after a visit to the petting zoo, then leaves Willie to deal with them after they prove too hard to handle.

    Meanwhile, Phil and Miss Kay drag Willie into their search for a new couch, which quickly turns awkward. Meanwhile, the Robertson ladies decide to sew an apron for Miss Kay, but their lack of sewing knowledge leaves them stuck until Si pitches in.

    He rounds up Cole, Jep, and Si for the job, which expands into a full-scale assault on the swamp with the help of napalm, dynamite, and Jep's radio-controlled truck.

    images watch duck dynasty clips

    Though his long hair, tattoos, and broken-down s-era van catch Jase and Missy by surprise, they and the rest of the family turn out to show their support.

    Phil, Martin, and Godwin get dragged into Miss Kay's quest to find the perfect birdbath for the front lawn, since she wants to keep the birds from being eaten by her dog Bobo. Miss Kay's plan to lay flowers on her grandmother's grave turns into a hunt for the ideal sites for herself, Phil, and Si.

    images watch duck dynasty clips
    Watch duck dynasty clips
    Jase's attempts to draw Willie into fun activities fall flat until he and Jep spot a man using a water-powered jet pack and set up a chance for Willie to use it as his last and best birthday present.

    Willie thinks Korie and the children are spending too much time on their phones, so he calls for the family to spend one day free of all technology. Willie sets up a huge surprise party to celebrate Rowdy's adoption becoming official, with all his favorite activities and a welcome into the Robertson clan from the other children.

    Willie gives him the first duck call from the workshop's new production run; after the party, he sneaks into the duck call room and steals his favorite chair as an additional souvenir of his time at Duck Commander.

    Wikimedia list article. Phil and Si enjoy giving Willie a hard time when he has to help them re-camouflage the duck blinds, as punishment for oversleeping on the first day of duck season the previous year. After Jase wins one round with his shotgun and Jep wins another with his powerful long-range rifle, they use a cowboy action shooting showdown to break the tie.