Optc doflamingo blackbeards island

images optc doflamingo blackbeards island

If it doesn't cause enough damage, you can wait and use a damage reducer and Marco to heal up per the usual strategy below. However, with Marco the Phoenix you can get a guaranteed win every time with Blackbeard, and with Luffy G3 or Log you can consistently beat Doffy as well. None 5. Heal where possible here. Pound — Blessing for a Daughter. Donquixote Doflamingo. Activate your Damage Reduction character to absorb the hit. Donquixote Doflamingo Warlord of the Sea. Don't despair as other captains can consistently win too but you'll need to work a bit more on getting the right units to support them.

  • Read Tips for New OPTC Players and Roadmap first! You can actually just use Blackbeard's special and near OTK Doffy, you can't argue with that .

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    9 · Roronoa Zoro Gloom Island Swordsman · Roronoa Zoro Master Swordsman Disciple. So I went on the extra island earlier between doing TM and there were som kind of doffy extra island upp. I was thinking "cool, lets do that.

    Doflamingo has immediate relations with Kaidou, he has an caused shit on the island that he would just tell Kaidou that one of Blackbeard's.
    Eldest son of the Vinsmoke family. Take the penguin out as slow as possible and take a hit if possible. There's even a guaranteed win if you spend the time on your Blackbeard special and have a Marco the Phoenix. Donquixote Doflamingo Warlord of the Sea. Attacks doing Doffy may be the first 60 stamina, but it still a 60 stamina event, so you'll want to be careful.

    This goes to show that new legends and units are more powerful than old.

    images optc doflamingo blackbeards island
    Snoussi sonia choquette
    However, once you have the right character setups, he becomes a breeze.

    The 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family wearing a swimsuit. Beware the auto-target mechanism as it does like to target the penguin early.

    What's frustrating about Doffy is he seems like he's incredibly hard! Eldest son of the Vinsmoke family.

    Guia/walkthrough Doflamingo island, free to play, slasher, 60 stamina, OPTC español Mostly F2P 60 Stamina Doflamingo Raid Blackbeard Team | One Piece.

    ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE. Donquixote Doflamingo - Current King of Dressrosa (DEX) Silvers Rayleigh - Old Man Marshall D.

    images optc doflamingo blackbeards island

    Teach - Blackbeard Pirate Captain (DEX). New Summer Girls have arrived at Extra Island! This time.

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    I'm Now Your Ideal Type! is now at Extra Island! Has everyone taken the challenge yet? This time we're bringing you the information needed to clear the highest.
    LL, Oars, etc.

    images optc doflamingo blackbeards island

    Use all specials but Coby on 1st turn vs Doffy. Donquixote Doflamingo.

    Attacks doing 7. For Monster Chopper teams, take no hits but stall as long as possible.

    images optc doflamingo blackbeards island
    Charlotte Pudding — Summer Sweets. The head and third son of the Vinsmoke family. He showed his intent to counterattack the Big Mom Pirates, and stood in the way of the large army who were after Sanji.

    After his fourth turn, Doffy's Immunity will expire and your 10 turn Usopp will be ready for a second activation at this point if you stalled correctly. Although she was sad to see Luffy and his crew depart from Fish-Man Island for the New World, she hopes to see them again since Luffy promised to take her to see a real forest once she stops being such a crybaby. Jinbe — Tea Party Intruder.