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images insurgent tris brother in divergent

After the attack of the Dauntless traitors on Candor, he arrives at the Candor compound with Marcus Eaton. He will do whatever is in his faction's best interests, even if that means sacrificing the Divergent in order to save Candor from harm. Tris wonders if he's Divergent, as well. Remember me. I don't think Caleb would've made it, and the Dauntless hate cowards, and that's exactly what he was, and I am not saying I wo In InsurgentShauna became wary of Four due to his Divegence.

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  • Caleb Prior is the nineteen-year-old brother of Beatrice "Tris" Prior and the Insurgent. He arrives at the Amity compound with the others aboard the Dauntless train. Caleb, Tris and others then learn about the Factions and that Divergent. Uriah in Insurgent (movie) Uriah Pedrad was a Dauntless-born initiate who became a good Like Tris, he was also Divergent.

    Ezekiel Pedrad (older brother). Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the viewpoint character in Divergent and Insurgent, and shares the viewpoint character role in Allegiant with Tobias In Allegiant, Tris frees her brother, Caleb, before he is executed, although.
    However, Lynn replies that no one can prepare for the fear portion of the initiation.

    Lynn was one of the Dauntless -born initiates who made it through the initiation. Cancel Save. When the Dauntless traitors attack, he is not knocked unconscious by the serum transmitter, revealing that he is Divergent to Tris. Categories :. Contents [ show ]. Evelyn, though, is desperate to make a connection with her son again, and hoping he will love her as much as she loves him.

    Caleb Prior Divergent

    images insurgent tris brother in divergent
    Tris and Christina are able to save Kee and Hectortwo members under simulation, but a third member, Marlenejumps off the roof and dies. Tobias is willing to help, but Tris is hesitant, wondering why Nita is just destroying the serum.

    He later reprimands her for confronting the Erudite when she only had a pocket knife, and when she insists it was necessary, Tobias reveals that he doesn't want to lose her. The strategy works, and Four's team wins.

    When they get back to the Dauntless compound, Uriah and Marlene's relationship becomes more obvious to the others, irritating Lynn. Caleb, Tris and others then learn about the Factions and that Divergent people are known as normal people, who pose a threat to the function of the factional society of Chicago.

    images insurgent tris brother in divergent

    He grew up Abnegation, but left the faction to get away from his abusive father.

    Caleb Prior in Insurgent book, analysis of Caleb Prior. Caleb is Tris's brother, a.k.a. her only surviving family member, a.k.a. the only family member who didn't.

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    He is the older brother of Beatrice "Tris" Prior. In Insurgent, he manages to escape with other when Erudite and Dauntless traitors attack Amity and board a.

    images insurgent tris brother in divergent

    Family: Andrew Prior(Father), Natalie Prior(Mother), Caleb Prior(Brother) *In love with Tobias Family: Andrew Prior(Husband), Caleb Prior(Son), Beatrice Prior( Daughter) *From outside of the *Killed by Tobias in Insurgent "Watch yourself.
    What is the turning point of the story? By the end of the initiation, Uriah is ranked second, right below Tris and above Lynn and Peter.

    Tobias decides to go, but his friend and fellow initiate, Zekedecides not to, but asks that Tobias look out for his brother, Uriahwhen they go outside.

    Insurgent Characters GradeSaver

    Tobias realizes Christina is right, and lets her stop him from taking the memory serum, making the decision to move on. Under the tattoos on his back are the scars from the belts Marcus used to beat him with. He then heads to Jeanine's private lab, where Tori has captured Tris after she tried to get the same information Marcus was after.

    images insurgent tris brother in divergent
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    Tris and Tobias's first remotely sexual encounter with each other.

    He comes back to Tris, and watches as a woman named Edith Prior reveals the creation of the faction system.

    images insurgent tris brother in divergent

    Tobias desperately tries to break out of his room so he can see Tris the day of the execution. Tobias's abusive father and former leader of Abnegation.

    Tris is shocked by this sudden outburst, but later realizes it wasn't sudden. His friendship with Marlene seemed to have developed into something more, but their constant flirting seemed to annoy their friend Lynn. He stays by her side until she dies.

    Tris is Divergent, but is particularly special for having aptitude for three factions: Tris's brother, who transferred from Abnegation to Erudite.

    She is subjected to a series of tests in order to help them make a mind control serum that will work on the Divergent.

    Caleb Prior in Insurgent

    Tris encounters her brother, Caleb, and. The battle and its aftermath, particularly Tris's ability as a Divergent mind to evade Tris's brother, Caleb, serves knowledge and what he sees as a higher good.
    He goes to her office, and decides to give her a choice: keep her seat as the leader, or get her son back by taking the memory serum.

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    Tobias later gets into the Erudite compound, supposedly trying to rescue Tris. Tobias's abusive father and former leader of Abnegation.

    He is told by Tris to stay below with Peter while she and Andrew climb to the top of the Pire to protect him. As demonstrated in Insurgent when confronted with the Dauntless under Eric's command, Lynn is not the 'forgive and forget' type, instead viewing the latter as a traitor for his actions.

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    images insurgent tris brother in divergent
    Meanwhile, the Dauntless have started mocking and teasing Tobias about being abused by his father.

    The Cast of Divergent divergent

    They also meet David. That night, they Caleb, Tobias, Tris, Christina and others go outside the fence, and Caleb is one of the people who witnessed Tori's death. He was later in a coma and died when they had to take him off the life-support. At the dinner, Tris is ranked first, and accepted into Dauntless.