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A The contracting officer or other official designated by the head of the agency determines in writing, as part of acquisition planning, that multiple awards are not practicable. This estimate is not a representation to an offeror or contractor that the estimated quantity will be required or ordered, or that conditions affecting requirements will be stable or normal. If at the time of entering into the letter contract, the contracting officer knows that the definitive contract will be based on adequate price competition or will otherwise meet the criteria of A fixed-price incentive contract is a fixed-price type contract with provisions for adjustment of profit. A Rollover of unearned award fee. Further, the C ontracting O fficer may request that offerors revise their proposals to clarify any compromises reached during negotiation. This approach also may apply to other acquisitions, if the use of both cost and technical performance incentives is desirable and administratively practical. If urgency is a primary factor, the Government may choose to assume a greater proportion of risk or it may offer incentives tailored to performance outcomes to ensure timely contract performance.

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  • Types of. Government. Contracts. A primer on four common types found in strategy involves determining which contract type . U.S.

    Department of Defense. No other type of contract is suitable (e.g., because costs are too low to justify an In the DoD, adjustments based on actual labor or material cost are generally. The contract type defines the expectations, obligations, incentives, and rewards for both Government and contractor during an acquisition.

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    The Government.
    The contracts establish an estimate of total cost for the purpose of obligating funds and establishing a ceiling that the contractor may not exceed except at own risk without the approval of the contracting officer.

    Used in purchase of repair and overhaul services to provide a firm fixed-price for services with reimbursement for cost of materials used.

    This contract type places upon the contractor maximum risk and full responsibility for all costs and resulting profit or loss. Federal Government Solicitation Numbers. An indefinite-quantity contract provides for an indefinite quantity, within stated limits, of supplies or services during a fixed period. B A reasonable response period.

    images dod contract types
    Cost-reimbursement type of contracts provide for payment of allowable incurred costs, to the extent prescribed in the contract.

    Also see Subpart In the absence of effective price competition and if price analysis is not sufficient, the cost estimates of the offeror and the Government provide the bases for negotiating contract pricing arrangements. Quantity limits may be stated as number of units or as dollar values. When the contractor assumes a considerable or major share of the cost responsibility under the adjustment formula, the target profit should reflect this responsibility. No award-fee contract shall be awarded unless.

    Part 16 goes over the types of contracts the Department of Defense issues Contract types are grouped into two broad categories: fixed-price.

    Knowing about these DoD contract types will provide you a basic understanding of how the government uses them to incentivise contractors to get work done. Part 16 - Types of Contracts Scope of part.

    (1) For agencies other than DoD, NASA, and the Coast Guard, a protest of an order valued in excess of $
    A Rollover of unearned award fee. These billing prices may be adjusted, within the ceiling limits, upon request of either party to the contract, when it becomes apparent that final negotiated cost will be substantially different from the target cost.

    B Only one awardee is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required because the supplies or services ordered are unique or highly specialized.

    The contracting officer should establish a reasonable maximum quantity based on market research, trends on recent contracts for similar supplies or services, survey of potential users, or any other rational basis. This authority is not delegable. In addition, if ordered, the contractor must furnish any additional quantities, not to exceed the stated maximum. If the contract calls for supplies or services to be ordered under a provisioning document or Government option and the prices are to be subject to incentive price revision under the clause, the contracting officer shall use the clause with its Alternate I.

    images dod contract types
    A requirements contract provides for filling all actual purchase requirements of designated Government activities for supplies or services during a specified contract period from one contractorwith deliveries or performance to be scheduled by placing orders with the contractor.

    This documentation need not quantify the tradeoffs that led to the decision.

    Types of Government Contracts

    C Approval. The fixed fee does not vary with actual cost, but may be adjusted as a result of changes in the work to be performed under the contract.

    A late bid will not be considered for award except where: 1 the bid was sent to the CO by registered or certified mail at least five days before the bid receipt date; 2 the Government mishandled the bid after receipt; 3 the bid was sent to the CO by "Postal Service Next Day Service" two days prior to the bid receipt date; or 4 the bid was transmitted electronically and received by p. Basic ordering agreements may need to be revised before the annual review due to mandatory statutory requirements.

    If the contract is a time-and-materials contract, the clause at

    Types of Federal Government Contracts range from firm-fixed price to cost-plus- fixed-fee. Using a wide selection of contract types provides a needed flexibility in of our friends, family and customers as well as the U.S.

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    Department of Defense. Understanding the type of government contract you're competing for can help National Weather Services and US Department of Defense. Comparison of Major Contract Types No other type of contract is suitable.

    that have not been incorporated into the DFARS or DoD Directives or Instructions .
    The firm target profit is established by the formula. B The contracting officer shall—.

    images dod contract types

    The contracting officer should consider the following when determining the number of contracts to be awarded:. All bids received by the time and at the place set for opening are publicly opened and read aloud by the CO. As used in this subpart. The contracting officer or other official must determine that only one contractor can reasonably perform the work because either the scope of work is unique or highly specialized or the tasks so integrally related.

    images dod contract types
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    This is especially true for complex research and development contracts, when performance uncertainties or the likelihood of changes makes it difficult to estimate performance costs in advance.

    Typically, the Contracting Officer CO will evaluate a the offeror's cost or price proposal; b the offeror's past performance on government and commercial contracts; c the offeror's technical approach; and d any other identified factors for award.

    Part 16 Types of Contracts

    Far Parts. A An analysis of why the use of other than a firm-fixed-price contract e. Using a wide selection of contract types provides a needed flexibility in acquiring the large variety and volume of supplies and services needed by the Military Services.

    images dod contract types