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On the left side of his back, Celtic carried a Plasmacasterwhich was positioned over his left shoulder and a Medicompwhich was located to the right of the Caster. However, immediately afterward, the floor moves out from under him, dropping him down a hole and breaking his legs. Impressed by the fact Lex dispatched one of the Xenomorphs herself, Scar mutilated one of the dead Aliens, fashioning a shield from its domed carapace and a spear from the tip of its tail that she could use to defend herself. Soundtracks Alien vs. Despite him keeping his distance, he gets trapped in a small room with Miller, where it is revealed that he has one child awaiting him at home. Scar's Self-Destruct Device detonated moments later, and Scar and Lex had to flee the collapsing ice once they reached the surface. On the right side of his right leg, Celtic carried a Ceremonial Dagger in a sheath, which he drew to finish of Grid when the latter was trapped in his Netgun's net. Still in pursuit of the stolen Plasmacasters, Scar later caught up with LexSebastian and Weyland, confronting Weyland when he attempted to buy time for the others to escape with one of the Yautja weapons. Buddy's wife and Sam's mother who became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak. Sam falls, given the parasites an advantage, they begin to circle the pair and after a warning by Sam, Buddy manages to kill one but at near point blank which results in his arm being melted off by the Acid.

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  • This article is a list of characters and actors from the Alien vs. Predator franchise spanning two. Grid (Tom Woodruff Jr.) is an Alien that gets its name from the grid-like scars on its head, which it got from fighting Celtic and being caught in his. ―Lex, to Scar (from Alien vs. Of the three individuals taking part in the ritual hunt, Scar was the only Predator to succeed in killing a Xenomorph and thereby.

    The following is a list of Yautja individuals, including Blooded humans, from the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator franchises.
    During the slaughter, Celtic confronted Quinnengaging him in close quarters combat. After discovering the humans had taken the plasmacasters, they split up. Johnson proposed radical design changes to the creatures in the film, including the Predators, and conceptual artist Constantine Sekeris produced several sketches of Predators that differed substantially from those seen in Predator and Predator 2.

    They then hear an Alien hissing at the end of the tunnel, and flee. Still attached to the wall, he manages to get a hold of Verheiden's gun and shoots the facehugger repeatedly.

    As Scar continued to pursue Lex and Sebastian, by this time the only Predator still alive inside the pyramid, he was ambushed by a Facehugger and a Xenomorph Warriorwhich he succeeded in killing.

    images avp predator names
    Charles Bishop Weyland Lance Henriksenthe Weyland Industries chief executive officer, and his team of archaeologists, scientists, and explorers search an ancient pyramid under the ice of Bouvet Islandbelieved to be the first pyramid ever built due to its structure, combining elements of all the great ancient civilizations.

    Nick and Mark are Dale's two friends, and enemies of Ricky. Suddenly, the Yautja witnessed Chopper being ambushed and killed by a lone alien Drone known as Grid. Sign In Don't have an account? Hot Toys figure of Scar.

    Other names. Predators Hunters Hish-qu-Ten.

    predator names Forum AvP Universe

    The Yautja, (pronounced Ya-OOT- ja). ―Sebastian, explaining mankind's history with the Yautja (from Alien vs. Are those all just fan names or are any of them official according to the In the novel AVP War, the main Predator's name is "Yeyinde", but all of.

    images avp predator names

    Wolf was inspired by the character with the same name in Pulp Fiction. He appeared in the Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem movie and a video game on the.
    Weyland's right-hand man, Maxwell Stafford Colin Salmon was a member of the team sent into the ancient pyramid. During the ritual hunt, Celtic killed at least one human and engaged the Xenomorph Grid in single combat.

    images avp predator names

    Together with Dallas, Ricky and Molly she escapes the town on the helicopter after losing Drew and Jesse. He returned to the franchise for Alien vs. Hot Toys figure of Scar.

    images avp predator names
    They are much stronger than humans, having been portrayed as being easily capable of outmatching a conditioned adult human male and shattering solid concrete with their bare hands.

    Escape seems almost impossible, until Dallas manages to blow a hole through the wall with the pistol, allowing them to leave safely.

    In the films the Yautja wear what appears to be jewelry on them, and the Predalien eventually grew them implying they are genetic. After eventually receiving Wolf's plasma pistol, he gave it to Ms.

    They manage to fly away, but the town's explosion causes turbulence, forcing them to crash.

    The name is never used in the films, but was introduced into the wider universe in the novel Alien vs. Predator: Prey and is now commonly used. Alien v Predator Yautja name generator. 's of names are available, you're bound to find one you like.

    it dawned on me the other day and so i wondered if yautja have names.

    im sure they do, dont u think? or do they jsut go but scent like animals.
    Predator game, there is a "Nethead" skin for the alien which has the net-induced scars on its head. When Scar eventually revived and caught up to Lex, she dutifully returned his Plasmacaster, realizing its significance and hoping Scar would spare her as a result of the act.

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    He is Ricky's older brother and good friends with Sheriff Eddie Morales. He befriends Alexa and Sebastian on the helicopter ride to the pyramid. Using the pistol, he kills several Aliens and is almost overpowered. Once Verheiden is taken away, he sees an Alien at the end of the room, and is dragged off to the hive.

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    images avp predator names
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    Predator characters.

    images avp predator names

    Dale Collins is Jesse's ex-boyfriend and an enemy of Ricky. He dies when the nuclear device is dropped and is killed along with the survivors, the Predator, the Aliens, and the Predalien. As the script required a greater amount of interaction with the character Lex Woodsa wider range of subtle facial movements were built into the character's animatronic face mask.

    Start a Wiki. The pair are later killed by the chestbursters that erupt from their chest and their dead bodies are melted by Wolf. Buddy's wife and Sam's mother who became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak.