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Sometimes it will tell you that you need to install another package. Note that this book assumes you're using Python 3, and not Python 2. Tkinter and, since Python 3. Luckily, it is since July now remarkably easy, because the good RubyInstaller for Windows people now include Tk 8. I wasted hours on this playing with various options, because the error messages if the headers aren't there are either missing or misleading. Once you get it to compile without errors, don't forget to " make install ". For modern Tk programming using Perl, the "Tkx" module is highly recommended, and we'll be using that here.

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  • Download and install Tcl with ActiveTcl, the precompiled, supported Tcl Linux and Mac, pre-bundled with top Tcl/Tk modules – free for development use. Wish is a simple program consisting of the Tcl command language, the Tk toolkit, and a main program that reads commands from standard input or from a file.

    Download ActiveTcl Community Edition to get started in development for free.

    TkDocs Tk Tutorial Installing Tk

    Crticl, TclSOAP, Snack, TkCon, BWidget, [incr Tk], Tcllib, TclX, Expect, Tls, Tklib.
    Watch closely for error messages. Start Python from your terminal, e. Make sure you've got Apple's developer tools i.

    images activestate tcl tk wish

    Unpack it, and run the installer sudo. Whatever you do, do not rely on the Tk versions included in macOS!

    Installing TCL/TK for Windows 3 Steps

    While for something this short you could just type it in directly to the interpreter, instead use your favorite text editor to put it in a file.

    images activestate tcl tk wish
    Your Linux Distribution's Package Manager Currently supported Linux distributions will usually already include a recent version of Python 3.

    Tkinter and, since Python 3. We therefore very highly recommend upgrading to at least ActivePerl 5.

    ActiveTcl Documentation

    The rest of it should all go on one line, without adding line breaks. Thanks to work by Python core developer Ned Deily, binary installers starting with version 3.

    A big thanks to the people on tcl at irc. Though there are lots of ways to install Tk, the easiest is to download and install one of the versions provided by ActiveState www.

    Other versions of the source distributions are available at SourceForge.

    Tcl/Tk Software

    For other ways to obtain Tcl/Tk (such as binary distributions), see the main Tcl/Tk page. PAGE requires Tcl/Tk + for execution because PAGE is written in Tcl. ActiveTcl However, ActiveState, which creates ActiveTcl packages is not a "cd" command to change to the directory for and then it ran fine.

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    Installing TCL/TK for Windows: Tcl (Tool Command Language) is a dynamic to head over to ActiveState's website here:
    The easiest way to do this is to install the "ActiveTcl" distribution from ActiveState, which includes Tcl, Tk, plus a number of other extension libraries.

    Try providing the full path to hello. Start Python from your terminal, e. If you'd like to use the standard source distribution from python.

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    There is also a collection of cygports scripts that automate the task of building Tcl 8. The moral of this story is: Before you pull your hair out because you aren't getting the output you expected, check your environment settings.

    images activestate tcl tk wish

    Type "exit" in the console window to exit.

    images activestate tcl tk wish
    Activestate tcl tk wish
    See also Tcl itself, which detects the Cygwin environment at build time, and configures itself to use some of the Windows API.

    Make sure to download an 8. Versions of ActivePerl prior to 5.

    Tcl/Tk · GitHub

    Some work left to do before the IPO. If you go this route, just make sure it's at least Tk 8. In your web browser, visit www. What I finally settled on was looking for the env term environment variable, which is set in Cygwin but not used in Windows.